Naveen Kumar Gupta


Naveen Singhal


Naveen Kumar Gupta

Mr. Naveen Singhal, an acclaimed figure in the coal trading sector; has endowed himself with a rich experience of two decades in coal trading and trans-pacific procurement. Under his efficient chairmanship, the Mahalaxmi Group has permuted itself from a family-run, small- scale business to a Pan-India Group, today.

He holds a Master’s degree in Commerce from D.N Degree College, Meerut, and has been conferred many awards for his outstanding contribution in and out of the industry.

With his diligent capabilities of decision making, creating new ventures and overseas operational activities, strategy building, and his consistent take on social responsibilities, the Group has established significant contributions for the welfare of the country.

Under his able chairmanship, the Group aspires to reach new heights in the coming days.